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6 Ways to Spice Up Your Business With a Fireplace

A nice fireplace
When many people think of fireplaces, they think about sitting in a cozy living room with friends and enjoying a roaring fire. But just as a fireplace brings extra beauty and relaxation to your home, it can also bring that to your office or business.

If you like the idea of a fireplace at work but aren't sure where to add one, here are six great places that could use a fireplace.

1. Waiting Rooms

The first, biggest impression many customers and clients have of your business develops in your waiting room. So, start their experience off with a splash by building a welcoming fire. A fireplace makes an excellent centerpiece that both modernizes and makes a waiting room feel homey. Choose from any style that works with your waiting room's decor and intended ambiance. 

2. Cafeterias and Break Rooms

Help your employees relax and rejuvenate by including a fireplace in their space. Opt for a low maintenance fireplace style - particularly gas or bioethanol - that requires little preparation and leaves little or no mess. Designate certain employees to maintain the fireplace as well as starting it and turning it off. Be sure employees all know how to practice safe fireplace usage, too.

Don't have much space in your break room? Modern fireplaces have smaller footprints and can go in tighter spots than ever before, including hanging on the wall! 

3. Outdoor Areas

Do you have an outdoor area as part of your business? It could be outdoor seating at a restaurant, brewpub, or bar. It may be an area where patrons wait outside when business is booming. Or it could just be a modern outdoor lounge for employees or customer use.

Whatever outdoor space you have, make it more useful all year long - throughout the day and from season to season - by warming it up with a big fire. 

4. Executive Suites

Whether you've built up your own company or have made it to the top in someone else's, you deserve the royal treatment for all your hard work. A statement fireplace in the corner office makes all the hours you spend at work more comfortable and homelike.

Plus, your office will be more impressive when entertaining guests, clients, and business partners. If you want to project professionalism, this is an easy way to do it. 

5. Client Meeting Spaces

Not all business meetings are comfortable for clients and customers. Medical providers, therapists, counselors, and those who work with people in challenging situations often want to make their meeting rooms more relaxing and less intimidating. Few things help more than a relaxing fire.

A smaller meeting room or office warrants a smaller fireplace, such as a wall-mounted unit or sleek, modern, mantel-less style. You can even use a small fire table for a beautiful effect that doesn't require much work. 

6. Home Offices

Work from a dedicated home office space? Many workers and entrepreneurs don't give enough thought to the decor of their home office space. But an appropriate fireplace can help you stay comfortable and focused when home distractions can abound. Home office fireplaces make great decor for any area in which you meet with the public at home, too. 

Which area in your own business could benefit from a new fireplace? Is it a customer area where you can make the right impression? Or how about a private space where you and your employees can use a little relaxation and ambiance? No matter what which space will work in your own circumstances, the fireplace pros at Midwest Fireplace are ready to help you find the best solution. Call for an appointment today.